Corporate Events

Working Lunch

This one is our specialty to treat. Good food always boosts productivity.  Let us take on the mantel and we’ll prove how an ordinary day can taste extraordinary.

Targets and Milestones

Every target and milestone will look like the last dish you’ve had.  We will surely add more fire to the bellies that dare to dream big.

Board Room Refreshment

We are as geared up as you are for your meet. We ensure you enjoy a hassle-free meeting and discussion over crispy food and refreshing beverages.

Staff Get Together

What better than all your colleagues and employees coming together for a day and a meal. We have specially designed our meals to suit all tastes and regions.

Product Launch

It is hard to meet all expectations. But thanks to our wide range of assorted dishes, the food will help you every bit in every new endeavor.

Annual Day

Discuss targets, presentations, meeting agendas, and more as we take care of the food. Our meals are meant for quality and we will ensure only the best for you.

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